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Outdoor beg/sport beg

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Travelling with your own style^^

Are you like to travel? Suitable beg is important when you traveling around the world^^If you are finding a travel beg, maybe you can take a look, enjoy~~

Whether you're traveling with a backpack over a long distance or traveling by plane with a small backpack as a carry-on, use a travel backpack designed with extra compartments and tight-fitting, portable style to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

Polo Brand is one of my choice because this brand is not too expensive and their design is beautiful and practical.
Benefits :
~Easy to stow and store:The design of a travel backpack makes it easy to store it in overhead bins in a bus, train or airplane. The soft sides of a backpack let it conform to tight storage spaces.
~Protects items from the elements: Many travel backpacks are made with water-resistant and waterproof fabrics that protect your valuables no matter what the weather forecast may look like. 
~Keeps travelers organized: Many travel backpacks are designed with several compartments to store smaller items, such as water bottles, a cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, passport and subway tokens
~Water Prove: You not need to worry athough facing raining day when travelling. 
Price : Around RM250-350 For Travelling Baggage
Price : Around RM50-120 For Backpack Bag

Image result for polo travelling bagLoaded Gear GX-400 Black Crossover Backpack

Polo Brand

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